Senior Pastor

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Waiting on God’s will for our church.
Interim Pastor

Courtnell Francois

Pastor Courtnell has been with Montgomery since 1999 and is currently the chairman of the board for FOCAS Ministries. His desire is, “to see the church grow and people’s lives get to the place God would have them to be to bring them to their full potential in the Lord”. He has a degree in theology and has worked in various positions since 1998 including elementary school teaching for three years, but has been active in full-time ministry since 1973.…
Youth Pastor

Joshua Buck

Joshua has been working in ministry for several years, serving in various ministries from Pastoral Assistant to both Middle and High School Pastor. He and his wife Abby were married on October 10, 2015 and had the joy of welcoming their beautiful baby girl into the world in 2016. They welcomed their second baby girl fall 2018. “My wife and I greatly enjoy serving alongside one another in ministry and we are very excited to see what God has in…