Missions at Montgomery AG

Our goal here at Montgomery is live out Romans 1:16: I am not ashamed to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus as the hope for all people! We do this through supporting both local and global missionaries as they take the Word of God to the people.

Global Missions

As a church we believe in doing our part to support the spread of the Word of God to the people of the world. We are currently supporting faithfully 29 missionaries in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Albania, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, Caribbean, Uruguay, Madagascar, Zambia, Gabon, and many others. Our missions team is always looking to add new missionaries that are seeking help in spreading the Gospel!

Local Missions

You cannot underestimate the impact that missionaries have around the world, but we believe that it is important to recognize that there people in need of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ right here in the Greater Cincinnati area. Many people in our church volunteer with various local missions endeavors including the work of our Helping Hands ministry. We also have church members that host an internationally student Bible study in their home once a month and another who serves as a volunteer chaplain at the Cincinnati Hospice. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to partner with local missionaries and missions to assist in the spread of the Word right here in our own back yard.